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Subject: Re: [office] Glossary for 1.2

2008/7/16 Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>:

>> Due to the length of the document I disagree.
>> Searching for a term is horrible and wastes time in the current standard.
> Ok but is this another "judgment" call as to how familiar the reader should
> be with the subject matter of the standard?

'Should be'?
So a reader should be familiar with ODF prior to reading the standard?
No thanks Patrick.

Judge the clarity by viewing it as a new reader.

> Personally I wouldn't define any XML terminology or anything that is
> commonly known in office markup circles.

"commonly known in office markup circles." ?
  No thanks. That's exclusive.

> I suppose something like "metadata manifest" which will appear for the first
> time in ODF 1.2 merits a definition but that is one I would put in context
> since you are unlikely to encounter it in other parts of the standard.

If it's an odd term, link the first usage to the glossary|definitions.

> Do note that we are generating extensive cross-references for elements and
> attributes and it would be quite easy to do the same for "special" terms.

That doesn't help with comprehension and does make it harder
for compliance testing.
Another one for the 'annotated specification'?


Dave Pawson

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