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Subject: introduction (again)

Hello ODF people :)

I've just been added to the roster for the ODF-TC so in that sense I'm new 

I've been working on ODF for some years now on this TC, on and off. Always as 
an individual oasis member.  When my subscription ended a little while ago I 
didn't go for a renewal, instead I turned to my new employer. My place of 
employment (Trolltech) was recently acquired by Nokia and thus I'm now a 
Nokia employee. Working at the "Qt Software" department.
And Nokia already is an OASIS member.
So today I re-join the ODF-TC as a Nokia employee.

Glad to be here again :)

As my introduction; for people that don't know me yet.
I've been working with KOffice for many years and have been the main author of 
the KWord text engine for KOffice2.0 (still in beta). I also wrote the ODF 
exporter for Qt, which will be released in the upcoming Qt4.5 release. 

Thanks for reading!
Thomas Zander

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