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Subject: Re: [office] introduction (again)

Thomas Zander <Thomas.t.Zander@nokia.com> wrote on 09/22/2008 06:19:48 AM:

> I've just been added to the roster for the ODF-TC so in that sense I'm 
> here.
> I've been working on ODF for some years now on this TC, on and off. 
Always as 
> an individual oasis member.  When my subscription ended a little while 
ago I 
> didn't go for a renewal, instead I turned to my new employer. My place 
> employment (Trolltech) was recently acquired by Nokia and thus I'm now a 

> Nokia employee. Working at the "Qt Software" department.
> And Nokia already is an OASIS member.
> So today I re-join the ODF-TC as a Nokia employee.
> Glad to be here again :)
> As my introduction; for people that don't know me yet.
> I've been working with KOffice for many years and have been the 
mainauthor of 
> the KWord text engine for KOffice2.0 (still in beta). I also wrote the 
> exporter for Qt, which will be released in the upcoming Qt4.5 release. 

Hi Thomas,

Welcome back!


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