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Subject: Re: [office] Errata: Substantive Schema Change in 15.27.22?

A few things to note.

1) The standalone RNG schema files are not part of the ODF Standard.    We 
don't send them out for review and they are not part of the package that 
OASIS members vote on.

2) However the RNG schema files are provided as a convenience download on 
the TC's home page.

3) Section 1.4 defines what the normative schema is for ODF:

"The normative XML Schema for the OpenDocument format is embedded within 
specification. It can be obtained from the specification document by 
concatenating all schema
fragments contained in chapters 1 to 16. All schema fragments have a gray 
background color
and line numbers."

We have a script that creates the RNG files from the ODF text, extracting 
and concatanating these schema definition blocks.

4) Since the schema fragments are the normative schema definitions, if we 
have prose references to element or attribute names, and these references 
differ from those in the schema fragments, then the schema fragments are 
the definitive definitions.

5) OASIS defines a Substantive Change as "a change to a specification that 
would require a compliant application or implementation to be modified or 
rewritten in order to remain compliant."  Note that it says "would 
require" not "could require".

6) If any TC member knows of an ODF 1.0 implementation that would require 
modification in order to remain compliant with the proposed schema change, 
then they should speak up and say so.  We can always take this change out. 
 But, for example, if implementations generally do not implement this 
attribute, or if they silently have already made the spelling correction 
in their implementations, then this may not be a problem.  By having 
review on the TC as well as a 15-day public review, we give any 
implementation, whether represented on the TC or not, a fair opportunity 
to make this point.


"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 09/22/2008 
01:05:16 AM:

> [image removed] 
> [office] Errata: Substantive Schema Change in 15.27.22?
> Dennis E. Hamilton 
> to:
> ODF TC List
> 09/22/2008 01:10 AM
> Please respond to dennis.hamilton
> With regard to 2008-09-22 agenda item 4b, I notice that a change to 
> the ODF schema is technically a substantive change.  I am sure this 
> has been talked through before, and I apologize for bringing it up 
> again except I am expected to deal with agenda item 4b, which is an 
> attestation that there are no substantive changes.
> What I'm looking at is the change in 15.27.22 p.651 line 31 where 
> the attribute name style:wrap-dynamic-treshold is changed to 
> style:wrap-dynamic-threshold (adding an h after the t in treshold). 
> 1. I understand that this was unintended and that the change is to 
> the spelling that is used in the prose that describes the attribute.
> In prose, that would clearly be a typo.  In a schema, it is a 
> different matter (even though a mistake).
> 2. I also see that the ODF 1.1 schema has style:wrap-dynamic-threshold.
> 3. The only ODF 1.0 schema supplied on the OASIS TC page still has 
> style:wrap-dynamic-threshold.
> 4. In particular, there does not seem to be a separate schema file 
> available for ODF 1.0 (Second Edition) cs1.  The public downloads 
> for ISO/IEC 26300:2006 do not provide a schema file at all.
> 1. So is this considered non-substantive even though it is 
> significant as schema text, or should we maybe pull that one errata 
> item out and think about it.
> 2. If the change is to be kept, what do we do about the schema files?
>  - Dennis
> Dennis E. Hamilton
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