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Subject: RE: [office] office-comment -> JIRA migration

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 05/05/2009 
05:45:27 PM:

> 1. Looks interesting.  It is difficult to know exactly what all the
> materials and repetitions are in the test database.  I do notice they 
> to be in reverse order.  (That is, the most-recent ones tend to have the
> lowest numbers, based on my examination of all the "Public Comment:
> mix-height( ODF 1.2)" ones.  The information seems to be as you describe 
> below.

Thanks for pointing out the reverse order thing.  That is the order they 
show up in the mailing list archives.  But is probably more useful for us 
to enter them in chronological order, so I'll reverse them before 

> 2. I assume that it is possible to edit other aspects of the entry, such 
> components, affects versions, the description, the priority, etc.

Yes, there is an "Edit this issue" link under "Operations" on the left of 
the issue details screen.  Do you see that?  Or is it only available to TC 
Chairs?  Make sure you are logged in.

I don't see any easy heuristic for automatically assigning these details. 
In the future we can do some simple things, such as defining a date range 
of a public review and automatically assigning versions based on that. But 
for now, everything is coming through with these other fields set to their 

> 3. It would be good to allow sub-tasks.  I don't see a button for that, 
> it may be that is because I am not the reporter.  But subtasks will be
> useful, especially for comments that have multiple parts and/or apply
> differently to different versions of specifications.

They call it a "subtask".  I can see an action for that, directly above 
"Edit this issue".

> 4. I have added some issues to the main repository, but I have not seen 
> e-mail notices.  They may have gone un-noticed in my junk mail filter, 
but I
> don't think so.  I just added another and it hasn't shown up anywhere 
that I
> can see. 

Mary has disabled the notifications for tonight, while I do the migration. 
 But I don't recall seeing them yesterday, when you entered the test 
items.  So shhh....  I think we'll like it better this way.


>  - Dennis 
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> From: robert_weir@us.ibm.com [mailto:robert_weir@us.ibm.com] 
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200905/msg00009.html
> Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 12:26
> To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [office] office-comment -> JIRA migration
> I have the python script working now to migrate comments from the 
> office-comment list into JIRA.  Mary set up a sandbox project for me to 
> experiment in and you can see the results there:

> e=hide&pid=10028
> What I have done is:
> JIRA summary = "Public Comment: " + original comment subject line
> JIRA data = current date (unfortunately there is no ability to set the 
> JIRA data back to the original date)
> JIRA reporter = me (again, JIRA does not allow me to set it to the name 
> the original comment author)
> JIRA type=bug (the default) 
> JIRA description = a paragraph indicating the original date and author 
> the comment, as well as a navigable link back to the original post
> Once I kick this off on the TC's production JIRA project, I'll need to 
> back and reapply the decisions from the Registry of Comments 
> But that should be straightforward, just a lot of clicking.  We should 
> able to start processing new comments in JIRA on the next TC call, or 
> maybe the one after that.
> Please take a quick look at the test project and let me know if anything 

> looks horribly wrong.  If the test migration goes well I will kick off a 

> real one overnight.  This may generate 100's of notification emails to 
> list, and if so I apologize in advance.   Luckily this will be a one 
> conversion.
> -Rob
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