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Subject: Re: [office] RE: Directories in Zip packages

On 28 September 2010 13:24, Michael Stahl <michael.x.stahl@oracle.com> wrote:
> On 28/09/2010 01:43, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
>> It should also be noted that there are two ways two store A/B/C in a ZIP,
>> where C is a file:
>> Some ZIP apps store this as three entries:
>> A/
>> A/B/
>> A/B/C
>> And some ZIP apps store it as a single entry:
>> A/B/C and then rely on unzipping logic to know to create the appropriate
>> parent directories.
>> Both are legal and you'll see both.
>> -Rob
> one reason why a ZIP producer would create entries for directories is to
> store things like UID/GID and such using various platform specific extensions.
> AFAIK Info-Zip can do this.
> of course for an ODF package that kind of thing is completely unnecessary.
> But on the other hand using some generic ZIP implementation to modify ODF
> packages can be very convenient at times, and if such a generic ZIP
> implementation happens to create entires for directories then IMHO that
> shouldn't make the ODF package invalid or non-conformant.

Yes this was the point I had made as well.  We must be tolerant of
what generic zip tools do because they are of course extremely useful
for manipulating and assembling odf documents.  But given that what
they do in their different ways is to create zip entries which are
effectively redundant for the odf package I have suggested that (i)
conforming producers be discouraged from creating them and (ii) there
should not be an expectation that these entries (directory entries - I
think it doesn't matter whether they are empty directories or not) in
the zip file be signed. As David has pointed out as well, these
entries don't have any impact on the form or content of the document.


> [the extra platform specific stuff shouldn't be in a conformant package of
> course, IIRC that is what the conformance clauses say.]
> reagards,
>  michael
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