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Subject: JIRA issues in the draft text

Hello Patrick,

I changed the subject to get the attention of the TC members.

On Wednesday 14 October 2015 17:44:01 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> How do you suggest we capture the JIRA Issue number or should we
> continue to enter links to the JIRA issue in the edited content.xml?
> I have a slight preference for the JIRA links in the text because they
> should be easy enough to remove later and it enables readers to go
> quickly from the current content to the issue that was resolved there.

I see that you have added links like these in the places where you made a 
  <a href=".../OFFICE-3876">OFFICE-3876</a>
(I left out namespaces and some attributes)

These are indeed easy to remove. 

I have not added them in the example I gave. I think this is a good point to 
ask opinions of the TC.

The SVN tracks where an issue was changed, but it is not easy to insert the 
link to the JIRA issue automatically. It's not possible to link every JIRA 
issue, because some issues give changes in places that do not allow links.

Some options:
 - Add JIRA issues numbers in place.
    Pro: easy to navigate from text to JIRA issue
    Con: is usually inline with the text which makes the diff larger.
 - Maintain a changelog with applied JIRA issues. This can also be created 
later from the commit history.

In my opinion, it is useful to add the JIRA links where possible.

> Thanks for all the hard work!
You're welcome. I'm happy I finally made the commits instead of continiuing to 
polish the XML of the older specification files.


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