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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-3768 empty cell


Gnumeric's results match on all rows except row 9. The difference is also that A9 in fact contains the empty string for Gnumeric.

So I had a further look at Excel (in my case Excel 2016). If I enter an empty string in Excel 2016 in A1 (i.e. by typing just ') and enter =ISBLANK(A1) in A2, then A2 shows as FALSE. If I save the file as an ODF file and reopen, the Excel 2016 shows TRUE in A2 and has lost the content of A1.

I do not know how I can enter the empty string into a cell in Libreoffice (without using a formula).


On 2020-04-15 8:55 a.m., Regina Henschel wrote:
Hi all,

I thought it might be useful to have a test document with edge cases. In case you resave the document, please make sure, that the cell contents
are still there and not removed by your application.

I've got Excel 365, but not Gnumeric. Andreas, can you please look, what Gnumeric results?

Kind regards

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