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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-3768 empty cell proposal for section 4.7 - next version

Regina Henschel schrieb am 03-May-20 um 22:21:
Hi all,

considering the discussion, here the next proposal.

Still unclear how to handle <text:h> child element.

Excel can produce a cell with empty string by entering an apostrophe. While you are working on that spreadsheet, ISBLANK() returns FALSE for that cell. It is written out as markup <table:table-cell office:value-type="string" table:style-name="ce2"><text:p/></table:table-cell>. After reopening the file, ISBLANK() returns TRUE. So I consider this an error in Excel import.

Kind regards

New Proposal
4.7 empty cell
The technical term "empty cell" is used in this part of the specification in defining functions and expressions. The technical term "empty cell" stands for a cell, for which non of the following properties is true:
    The cell has a table:formula attribute.
    The cell has a non-empty <text:p> child element.
The cell has an office:value-type attribute and the corresponding value attribute office:value, office:date-value, office:time-value, office:boolean-value, or office:string-value, respectively. The cell has an office:value-type="string" attribute and a <text:p> child element. In case of an empty child element <text:p/>, the cell contains an empty string.

It is implementation-dependent whether the markup <table:table-cell><text:p/></table:table-cell> is an "empty cell" or not. For interoperability producers should not write such markup, but add an office:value-type="string" attribute in case a cell with empty string is intended, or omit the empty child element <text:p/> in case an "empty cell" is intended.

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