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Subject: Re: [office] Draft Agenda for July 18, 2022 - ODF TC Teleconference

> Regina Bug OFFICE-4113 Minor New rcweir CLONE - Public Comment: [ODF 1.2] Comment missing, whether error values are propagated Not ready, but I have added a proposal so that it can easily be resolved for ODF 1.4.

> Regina New Feature OFFICE-4030 Minor Open timar Bottom to top, left to right writing direction
Not ready. Needs further discussion.

> Regina Bug OFFICE-3955 Major Open patrick No default declared for chart:data-label-series boolean attribute Not ready. Ongoing discussion, which attributes need a default at all. But that discussion should be on the agenda.

> Regina New Feature OFFICE-3887 Major Open vandenoever Add schematron that validates features that Relax NG cannot Not ready. Should be moved to ODF-later until someone is actually working on it.

> Regina Improvement OFFICE-3847 Major Open svante.schubert Simplify Line Height handling Not ready. Ongoing discussion. Better move to ODF-Next. Ask Svante about moving.

> Regina New Feature OFFICE-2119 Major Open rcweir Member Proposal: date axis on charts Not ready. Proposal need some fine tuning, but worth to have in ODF 1.4, because both Excel and LibreOffice Calc have such feature.

> Regina Improvement OFFICE-3843 Major Open tbehrens [text] additional text-properties for extra border attributes
Not ready. Details are not clear.

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