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Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: [office] Draft Agenda for July 18, 2022 - ODF TC Teleconference

Alfred	Improvement	OFFICE-4100	Major	Open	patrick	style:rel-height is applies only within frames - need broader applicability.	
==> not ready, more discussion and comparison with Word behavior needed
Alfred	Bug	OFFICE-4021	Minor	Open	patrick	table:use-first-row-styles not available on <table:table-template>?
==> not ready, deprecation of table:first-row-end-column attribute might need to be revisited
Alfred	Improvement	OFFICE-3939	Major	Open	regina.henschel	draw:textarea-...-align (20.166,20.167) needs improvement
==> not ready, desired behavior unclear, no proposal
Alfred	Bug	OFFICE-3880	Major	Open	aguelzow	cell-content-is-between is underspecified
==> not ready, more discussion and evaluation of provided test cases required
Alfred	Bug	OFFICE-3841	Minor	Open	regina.henschel	The color mode "Watermark" makes images pale, not transparent
==> not ready, terminology unclear, multiple different implementation in LO, Calligra, MS
Alfred	Bug	OFFICE-4024	Major	Open	patrick	Conformance clause 2.2.1 D, D3 - w or w/o namespace the same?
==> ready, should just require a simple edit
Alfred	Bug	OFFICE-3949	Major	Open	aguelzow	LINEST: default value for arrayX underspecified
==> not ready, need to reconcile multiple different implementations


-----Original Message-----
From: office@lists.oasis-open.org <office@lists.oasis-open.org> On Behalf Of Regina Henschel
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2022 1:16 PM
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [office] Draft Agenda for July 18, 2022 - ODF TC Teleconference

 > Regina	Bug	OFFICE-4113	Minor	New	rcweir	CLONE - Public Comment: [ODF 
1.2] Comment missing, whether error values are propagated Not ready, but I have added a proposal so that it can easily be resolved for ODF 1.4.

 > Regina	New Feature	OFFICE-4030	Minor	Open	timar	Bottom to top, left 
to right writing direction
Not ready. Needs further discussion.

 > Regina	Bug	OFFICE-3955	Major	Open	patrick	No default declared for 
chart:data-label-series boolean attribute Not ready. Ongoing discussion, which attributes need a default at all. 
But that discussion should be on the agenda.

 > Regina	New Feature	OFFICE-3887	Major	Open	vandenoever	Add schematron 
that validates features that Relax NG cannot Not ready. Should be moved to ODF-later until someone is actually working on it.

 > Regina	Improvement	OFFICE-3847	Major	Open	svante.schubert	Simplify 
Line Height handling
Not ready. Ongoing discussion. Better move to ODF-Next. Ask Svante about moving.

 > Regina	New Feature	OFFICE-2119	Major	Open	rcweir	Member Proposal: 
date axis on charts
Not ready. Proposal need some fine tuning, but worth to have in ODF 1.4, because both Excel and LibreOffice Calc have such feature.

 > Regina	Improvement	OFFICE-3843	Major	Open	tbehrens	[text] additional 
text-properties for extra border attributes Not ready. Details are not clear.

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