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Subject: Re: Fwd: [oiic-formation-discuss] Group effort

David Gerard wrote:
> I don't necessarily agree. Capture all we can that people come up with
> - and the point is, it's easy to do so. Everyone has a notion of what
> interoperability feels like ("ahhh, this just works together and I
> don't have to think about it") and what a failure of it feels like
> ("no, if you use that feature there it won't work in Nifty Doorways
> 6.75" "what? that's rubbish!"), even if they can't give you a robust
> definition off the top of their heads.

Enthusiasm is a good thing, and I agree that stepping on it early is not 
really healthy.  However, it is a little off topic for what we need to 
do right this moment.  I like the idea of directing that enthusiasm and 
capturing the ideas. but we need to be careful that the enthusiasm 
doesn't out pace the charter efforts.  It is one of those balance things 
that can sometimes be hard to get right... :)


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