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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] (1)(d) A list of deliverables, with projectedcompletion dates.

Bart Hanssens <bart.hanssens@skynet.be> wrote on 06/12/2008 03:45:50 PM:

> Norbert Bollow wrote:

> >
> > Hmm how/where would the specific interoperability needs of persons
> > with disabilities get addressed?
> I would say these needs are implicitly part of the items listed above: I
> assume "rendering" an all-caps style on a braille-reader is similar to a
> visual representation. Maybe the ODF Accessibility TC can help us out
> with an "acid test" for those devices ?
> Same goes for tab-order in forms, table and image captions etc.

Agreed.  This is something to think about also in the context of question 2a:

(2)(a) Identification of similar or applicable work that is being done in other OASIS TCs or by other organizations, why there is a need for another effort in this area and how this proposed TC will be different, and what level of liaison will be pursued with these other organizations.

As part of that we will need to explain the relationship between the ODF TC's Accessibility SC and our work.


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