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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Marbux: Request for more detail

Marbux implied that some of the conformity and/or interoperability 
testing may already be done in CDF.  My goal was to discuss this point, 
and see if there was anything there we might be able to borrow (idea 
wise), apply, or recommend.  My goal is NOT to replace ODF.  That would 
just be silly and off-topic.. :)  But it would take someone more 
knowledgeable about CDF (Marbux maybe?) to fill in these gaps, and/or 
make a case for it.  I just didn't want to let the idea slip through the 
cracks if there *was* something there we could use.

Other than that, I understood the "you", but thanks for the clarification.


Matthew Reingold wrote:
> CDF is a format primarily involved in mobile usage. ODF is for all usage 
> of all document formats. CDF is not an aspect of this OIIC committee.
> Also, Paul doesn't have a law background, so why are you endorsing legal 
> knowledge in a way that you are implying knowledge of it? Are you 
> willing to endorse it the same way as a lawyer? If so, do you wish to 
> stand up for this in court? the W3c CDF protocol has 0, I repeat, 0 to 
> do with ODF.  I do believe the legal comments are getting to the point 
> of constituting trolling and bias within our discussion. Please, save 
> biased opinions for anything other than a technical committee. There is 
> no place for partiality when we are trying to get something done for the 
> fairness of the entire world.

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