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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Profiles

2008/6/17 Shawn <sgrover@open2space.com>:
> Dave Pawson wrote:

>> Either way, request that the TC charter include addressing profiles and
>> consider
>> both documentation based and application based
>> regards
> But wouldn't defining the definition of a profile be part of the charter?
>  Not necessarily creating a profile, but the guideline of what goes into a
> profile.

Assumption: The TC has more time than we.
Working the problem, they may come up with definitions more subtle,
flexible than we do.
If we constrain them, they won't be able to use their definitions.
It would be nice if we could 'define' / document our thoughts/understanding
(Yet another use for Sams site?) so they know where we're coming from?

You first Shawn!
Either put them on the site, or Sam/I will copy them up there?

I suggested Sam copy my 'glossary' out to another page.
I think this would be another worthwhile entry.

> We've talked about *maybe* using profiles, and we deferred the discussion.
>  I think the topic needs to be addressed a little more, and come to a
> definitive conclusion that profiles will/will not be used, and if so, just
> what is a profile....


 *A* Definition would a good start though Shawn?

> Yes, passing the chore of creating a profile should fall to the TC.  But
> lets at least give them a starting point... :)  I could just picture the
> conversation when the TC gets started:
> "hmm.. the charter says we should use profiles."
> "What's a profile"
> "Doesn't say."

<chuckles/> Yep.

> (yes, I'm ignoring the fact that some of the members of this list would be
> on the TC, and that the TC would have access to the list archives...)

Still an unnecessary lack of clarity if we can agree on a definition.

> And I'm not saying they cannot redefine the idea of a profile if/when needed
> either, but I know I prefer to start a new project with *some* direction,
> rather than no direction.

That's Robs issue. If we go in with a hard definition, they can't.
Since they must follow the charter, slavishly.


Dave Pawson

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