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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] The importance to users of documents looking the same

Some how I am forced to be blunt.

Most of the information to enforce some layout quality is in standard.

Biggest issues is rounding how its handled is not covered.

Applications  not allowed to reference locations on top of rounding errors?  Ie I have a location that links to a particular bit of text that is relative to page margin.   When page margin was worked out for display it was rounded up by 1.   The text has rounded up on font equal + 20 so final location on page is up by 10 pixels on where it should be(being consertive).   Is this forbin or not  this is allowed to reference locations on top of rounding errors.

Do applications rendering ODF have to counter errors like rounding error causing a font to be slightly to high correcting lenth of text or other objects?
That is about all the answer I need and full blown rendering checking can be developed for ODF.   One question with a answer yes or no rendering tests can be developed for ODF.    For high quality documentation production Yes is liked.

These are not hard questions.  With a clarification of standard test cases can be many times better.

This is a TC.   You want test cases.  Part of writing test cases is double checking the standard for test ability.  It is still the TC issue if something is not test able.  Rendering is not testable tightly without a clarification.

If no clear answer can be got testing rendering both ways will have to be done.   If a application is not either its a failure to render ODF.   Its a lot simpler for test case development if we don't have to develop 2.  Thinking in time 1 will most likely be killed of anyhow.

Peter Dolding

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