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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Thread cutting...

Matthew Reingold wrote:
> I think if we introduce moderation certain people are going to claim a 
> bias, but I would think that the removal of clutter goes towards greater 
> good than the delay of messages. Just make sure to have enough 
> moderators maybe? Ideally, that is....depends on how much is involved in 
> the moderation, too.
> However, I think things do get off topic and its hard to steer the boat 
> back on course quite a bit sometimes.
> It's somewhat of a mixed bag, but I'd say go for moderation.


Moderating an "open discussion" can basically close the discussion. 
There would now be a perception that only "approved" or "on-topic" items 
can be discussed.  But the ideas of "approved" and "on-topic" is 
subjective.  Moderation implies someone is controlling the direction of 
conversation, and that moderator may have their own agenda.

We have already seen some of the OT threads come back on topic with 
ideas that would have been moderated out.  i.e. CDF for instance.  So 
non-moderation works too.  It just means a little more fluff to ignore.

Of course, it would all depend on how the moderation is done.  But there 
is still that perception problem to deal with.

for me, moderation defeats the purpose of this list.


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