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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Deliverable: odf-diff?

Dave Pawson wrote:
 > I'm interpreting a 'may' etc as test it, but you can't fail
 > anything without a 'shall' or 'must'. (Right or wrong I don't know).

A few of us had a discussion on this yesterday.  A "must" and "may" 
conditions can become clear test cases.  With regards to a must, it is a 
pass/fail.  It does it or it doesn't.

A may condition is also a pass/fail, but with a little more 
consideration.  If the implementation or application handles a "may" 
condition, then this is pretty much the same as the must.  However, if 
the spec says "you may do XXX, but if you do not then you need to ensure 
YYY", then a check for YYY can be done to ensure the may condition is a 
pass/fail.  If the standard does not provide the "or" part of an 
either/or setup then the test can be ignored if the may condition is not 
implemented.  again, pass/fail (or in this last case, ignored)


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