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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] IRC Channel created and registered

Along with Dave's comment,

I very much like the idea of a IRC chat as well. There are some aspects of threaded conversations via mail readers that drive me nuts (aka quoting).

If people didn't quote so much when they respond to a reply it would be so much easier to follow their replies. Additionally, archiving the chat would be a great way to go. Whether enough people are on and listening is yet to be determined, but archiving the messages provides another useful level of redundancy in the same fashion as the list. Maybe post up the archive to the OIIC list in a thread every 3 days or something for people to fish through and see if anything catches their eye/interest/of significance (timeframe depending on activity).

Also, I haven't used IRC in years, but I seem to recall issues with windows vulnerabilities relating to IRC and scripts needed to keep a computer safe. Can someone throw that info out there on what scripts will prevent buffer overflows, floods, etc, or a site for people to use as reference for such? 


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