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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] IRC Channel created and registered

Matthew Reingold wrote:

> Also, I haven't used IRC in years, but I seem to recall issues with
> windows vulnerabilities relating to IRC and scripts needed to keep a
> computer safe. Can someone throw that info out there on what scripts
> will prevent buffer overflows, floods, etc, or a site for people to use
> as reference for such? 

You can use ChatZilla for Firefox - this is an extension for Firefox web
browser that gives user the ability to go to IRC servers. It's pretty
secure (if you don't accept downloads from foreigners, that is), it's
pretty simple to install and run quite well. Of course, it isn't 100%
safe, just as any other application. But, don't accept downloads from
unknown sources and you should be safe.

Firefox is here:

ChatZilla should be here:

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