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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] ODF version in the charter, was Re:[oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:
> Why do you think so. OASIS TCs operate in the public. ODF specification 
> drafts are publicly available available long before the the 
> specifications get a standard. I therefore see no reason why the OIIC TC 
> could not use them as basis for its work.

-0.9  (thanks for the posting of the Apache process Rob!)

Only real problem I see here is that it would be meaningless for the 
OIIC TC to do its work - creating profiles/atomic tests/etc. for things 
that are likely to change due to something OTHER than the OIIC process. 
  If we say current "official" versions of ODF, we know that version is 
fixed and can look at it in earnest.

If however we allow the draft versions to go through the OIIC process, 
then that process would have to be revisited/rerun, for every iteration 
of the draft.  This leads to meaningless work, and delays the draft version.

I'd rather see the work done on the final/official versions.  Any issues 
highlighted by the OIIC process are then under consideration for the 
NEXT version.  In this way, the OIIC becomes a tool for positive 
evolution, rather than a delayed evolution... if that makes sense. 
"Release early, release often" comes to mind here...

Of course, if there is enough cooperation between the TCs (and there 
appears to be enough interest that this would be the case), then I 
suspect some early work will be done as parts of the newer draft become 
more firm.

I also think that once the TC completes the initial work load, that 
things become a simple case of looking for the diffs between the draft 
and last official version submitted to the OIIC process and adjusting 
the related OIIC items (atomic tests, I'd think).  But that "initial 
work load" is rather substantial... :)

My thoughts.


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