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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] A few basic test documents


I've created a few basic test documents in OOo that yield a different layout result when opening them in OOo 2.4 vs opening them using Word 2003 + Sun plugin and/or MS converter, KOffice ...

Trying to get a feel for what such a set of test files means. I've installed three products capable of working with some of the ODF documents in your test suite, under one Linux OS [PCLOS 2007 and KDE 3.5.9].

I selected one file type at random that would open in all products. In viewing the file image-in-back-with-colored-table-orig-OO241.odt on a Dell Dimension 8100, each looks different in relative location of the objects - and in the case of OOo, construction lines are visible that aren't there in the other two product views.

The three programs are:

abiword 2.6.3
KWord 1.6.3 (using KDE 3.5.9)

It seems that knowing "what is correct" is information I'm lacking here. So how can "correct" be determined - jpeg screen images rendered on some known "correct ODF" software?
Ben Baston

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