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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Re: [office] style name uniqueness (Re:[office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2006-01-09 and 2005-12-19)


I agree that a human would always choose the most simple way of doing.

But if there are two possibilities:

1) A style:name has to be unique
2) A style:name has to be unique for each style:family

the first is the simpler rule and would be chosen, even more as I see no 
use case for the lesser restriction gained by the second rule, which 
justifies the higher complexity.


Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:
> Svante,
> for a machine, it may in fact be a little bit easier if style names 
> are unique across different style families, but for humans that create 
> documents it seems to be easier if they can use styles with the same 
> name but different families.
> Michael
> Svante Schubert wrote On 03/13/06 19:13,:
>> Hi all,
>> David Faure wrote:
>>>> Style names are also not required to be unique across different 
>>>> style-family, which could be a potential problem for implementors.
>>> Yes, I just hit a problem with a document (generated by OOo upon 
>>> reading from a .doc)
>>> where a text style and a paragraph style have the same name.
>>> Can we also include in the future version of the spec that style
>>> names should be unique across style families as well?
>> I would like to support this request from my OpenDocument user
>> perspective as well.
>> It means quite an overhead to find out the style family, every time you
>> match in the 'office:body' a '*:style-name' attribute [see 1], although
>> the used 'style:name' is unique in over >99% of the cases [see 2]
>> Complicated as the different namespaces of '*:style:attribute' [see 1]
>> are not sufficient for mapping to a 'style:family' (5 namespaces relate
>> to 12 'style:family' elements), but the attribute's element is required
>> to solve the relation.
>> Regards,
>> Svante
>> [1] namespace wildcard '*' can be 'text', 'table', 'presentation',
>> 'draw', or 'chart'
>> [2] different approach could be finding earlier all dublicate style
>> names in the 'office:style' section and trigger an extra behavior later
>> (overhead as well)

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