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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Re: [office] style name uniqueness (Re:[office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2006-01-09 and 2005-12-19)

Svante Schubert wrote:
> I agree that a human would always choose the most simple way of doing.
> But if there are two possibilities:
> 1) A style:name has to be unique
> 2) A style:name has to be unique for each style:family
> the first is the simpler rule and would be chosen, even more as I see no 
> use case for the lesser restriction gained by the second rule, which 
> justifies the higher complexity.

A user might legitimately want two styles in different families to have 
the same name. You may want a "Tips" paragraph style that is supposed to 
be used inside the "Tips" frame style. You may want a "title" paragraph 
style (for the document's title) and a "title" character style for a 
person's title.

There are ways around this. Florian sugested having a separate "display 
name", like this:

style:name="ID1" style:display-name="Tips" style:family="paragraph"

Equivalently, we can have a "style id".

style:name="Tips" style:id="ID1" style:family="paragraph"

It'd be good to hear from implementors whether these would present any 

Another note: We also need to decide if we care about backwards 
compatibility. If we require either of the above, some currently valid 
documents will become invalid.

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