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Subject: RE: [opendocument-users] Implementor notes

> So that is why a wiki version of this would be useful, so it could be filled
> in based on experience with the app after it is in the field.  So maybe a
> standard reporting template from the implementor to kick things off, which
> some 3rd party can pull into a wiki or similar collaborative environment

Well, if OASIS publishes an XHTML version of the spec, with predictable
anchors for every numbered section, every implementer could publish
an Atom stream with a link to that particular section. Atom allows for a
category, so that could be used to indicate the product and the specific
version, sports an author element etc. You can aggregate it and publish
it on a wiki, or a doc (bonus points for transforming it into an ODF file)

Aggregate and (ab)use at will. Mashup-capable, syndication oriented
architecture, web 2.0 or just KISS ;-)


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