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Subject: Meeting Minutes and Proposed Comment Disposition

Here (attached to this email message) are draft
meeting minutes for our November 19, 2003 meeting
and an updated list of proposed dispositions for
comments on our PKI Action Plan.

Thanks to Jean Pawluk for preparing the first draft
of these minutes and to John Sabo for preparing the
first draft of the proposed dispositions. I have
updated these documents today since Jean and John
weren't available to do so. Any errors are my own,
I'm sure.

Please review these documents and have them handy
during tomorrow's PKI TC concall.



P.S. I have also posted these documents in our
TC's document repository, but the URLs are long
and full of spaces so I'm sending them as
attachments to this email instead of just sending
the URLs. Sorry if you're on a slow modem.

November 19 2003 PKI TC Meeting Notes-DRAFT.doc

Action Plan Comments-Disposition 121603.doc

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