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Subject: PKI F2F will be Tuesday Feb 24

The results so far in the voting on date for
our face-to-face meeting at RSA are as follows:

Tuesday, February 24:   9 GOOD, 2 uncertain
Wednesday, February 25: CONFLICT with Founder's Lunch
Thursday, February 26:  7 GOOD, 1 uncertain, 2 BAD

Therefore, I conclude that we should meet on
Tuesday, February 24. Here are the logistical

What: OASIS PKI TC Face-to-face meeting
Date: Tuesday, February 24
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  631 Howard Street, Suite 400
  San Francisco, CA

Directions from Moscone Center (RSA Conference):
  The Moscone Center is bisected by Howard Street.
  Take the escalator to ground level, go to street
  level, and head toward the waterfront (east) on
  Howard Street. Continue across Third Street.
  The building is on the right side of Howard Street
  between Third Street and Second Street. It says
  "Howard Hawthorne" above the entry. Take the
  elevator to the fourth floor. The receptionist
  will buzz you in and give you a badge.

  Sun will buy lunch for all in-person attendees.
  Please let me know if you have any special
  dietary restrictions. Otherwise, I will get
  a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches,
  chips, soda, and juice.

  U.S.: +1.866.545.5220 (toll-free)
  Non-U.S.: +1.865.673.3239
  Conference Code: 1305447

  Here is my list of confirmed attendees. Please
  inform me of any changes ASAP. Last-minute
  attendees can probably be accommodated, but
  may not get lunch.

Kefeng Chen
Phil Fulchino (maybe in person)
Andrew Gottfried (by phone)
Steve Hanna
Jeremy Hilton (maybe by phone)
Terry Leahy
June Leung
Mark Lundin
Ann Terwilliger
John Sabo
David Skyberg



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