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Subject: Re: [regrep] Reg/Rep & UDDI (was: Describing ebXML Reg/Rep ...)

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

> That's the rub -- I don't think a UDDI instance could replicate the 
> contents of an ebXML Registry, but I think ebXML Registry could 
> replicate the contents of a UDDI registry.  Granted, ebXML Registry 
> will be weaker than UDDI for web service discovery because the UDDI 
> API is oriented to that task specifically. 

I beg to disagree Matt. This may be a surprise to some but ebXML 
Registry actually provides a much richer ability to publish and discover 
web services than UDDI. Let me explain why I believe this to be true:

ebXML Registry does everything that UDDI does in the Service Description 
space. In fact when this work was done it took UDDI V2 work in this area 
as a key input  (and with due credit).

Beyond supporting *ALL* the basic things that UDDI does in Service 
registration / discovery, ebXML Registry provides the following 
additional features:

-The Service Description (e.g. WSDL) can be stored in the repository of 
the registry

-The WSDL can benefit from full life cycle management features of ebXML 
Registry like any other managed content

-The WSDL can be automatically validated and cataloged upon submission

-The WSDL can be discovered using ad hoc queries based on SQL and XML 
filter query syntax

-The ad hoc queries can predicate on content within the WSDL itself 
allowing queries like:

"Find all WSDL that import a certain file or use a certain name space or 
use a certain portType etc."

-Version can be maintained for the different version of the WSDL

-Interested client can be notified when the a specific WSDL version 
changes in specified ways

-The WSDL can be associated in arbitrary ways with other objects such as 
the Organizations that provide the service or organizations that use the 

-The WSDL can be classified using arbitrary use-defined  taxonomies

So I am not sure what it is that ebXML Registry does not do in Service 
registration / discovery when compared with UDDI. Please correct me if I 
am wrong.

> Politically, I think we could get away with incorporating web services 
> discovery.  

Matt, did you miss the fact that we incorporating web services discovery 
in V2? That was the ROWS project (Registration of Web Services) that 
Sanjay led, and boy it did create a mild "ROW" with our friends in UDDI 
:-) As I recall they felt that Service registration was something  that 
was UDDI's focus and ebXML Registry should not be doing it.

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