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Subject: RE: [regrep] [Fwd: [xml-dev] Extract A Subset of a W3C XML Schema?]

This type of thing was a core aspect of the demo that we did for the gov't

When designing a PDF/XML form, the designer would search the registry for
various fragments that might be applicable to the particular form they are

These fragments would then be downloaded to the local machine where the
designer would import them into the tool where they would then be bound to
particular form fields.

Of course, it would be way cooler if the registry could be searched directly
from the tool, but I'm working on that.

For a concrete example, let's say the gov't designed a fragments for and
organization name and DUNS numbers with an associated web service that would
go out and get the DUNS number for a name when it was typed into the name

There are many gov't forms across different agencies that might use the DUNS
fragment and web service. A designer who has been tasked with automating a
particular form could go through and search the registry for any fragments
that match fields on the particular form they are automating.




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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Fwd: [xml-dev] Extract A Subset of a W3C XML

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

> I think registry already has the capability to do this sort of thing.
> Must we place every use case in the specification?  Maybe a best
> practice doc is needed.

This use case has been noted in the eGovernments TC's Government
Registry Requirements document, although it has not been sussed out in
great detail.  I can send copies of it (early draft) to anyone who wants.


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