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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Fwd: Review of latest ebRIM schema (v2.5)] - ExternalLInk]

(Removed OASIS webmaster.)

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>In advance of our call I have a few questions (feel free to hold off
>responding until our call if you think it's best):
>(1) What are "composed objects"? (don't recall that terminology)
Composed objects are those objects that related to RegistryObject box 
via a relationship with a solid diamon in Figure 1 in ebRIM. Composition 
is decsribed in ebRIM somewhere and its definition is as described in 
UML. Composed objects are part of another object and cannot live 
independent of their parent composite objects. In ebRIM 2.5 
Classifications, ExternalIdentifiers and Slots are examples  of composed 
objects within a RegistryObject.

>(2) Is this covered by our Cursor Support feature?
The issue sent by  Mei is not addressed by our Cursor Support feature. 
The issue is that a client must issue two separate registry requests one 
to a get a RegistryObject and another to get its ExternalLinks. Where as 
when a client gets a RegistryObject today all its Classifications are 
included in same response.

I have also found that ExternalLink implementation is trickier because 
it is handled different from Classifications etc.

I tend to be very supportive of the idea of making ExternalLink be a 
composed object within ebRIM and woudld be willing to do this in our 
next version (2.6).


>Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>>There seems to be some glitch with the regrep-comment mailing list where
>>we receive exernal comments. The predecessor to the message below was
>>sent this morning but never made it to the list. Any advice from OASIS
>>web masters on this?
>>Kathryn would it be possible to discuss the issue being raised below in
>>tomorrow's meeting?
>>-------- Original Message --------
>>Subject:        Review of latest ebRIM schema (v2.5)] - ExternalLInk
>>Date:   Wed, 3 Sep 2003 17:46:35 -0700 (PDT)
>>From:   Mei-Xing Zhao <Mei-Xing.Zhao@sun.com>
>>Reply-To:       Mei-Xing Zhao <Mei-Xing.Zhao@sun.com>
>>To:     regrep-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
>>CC:     farrukh.najmi@sun.com
>>I sent this email to the alias this morning. Seem like it did not get posted. I
>>am resending it again.
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>>Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 07:48:44 -0700
>>From: mei-xing zhao <mei-xing.zhao@sun.com>
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>>To: regrep-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
>>CC: xws-regrep-dev-core@sun.com
>>Subject: Review of latest ebRIM schema (v2.5)] - ExternalLInk
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>>Currently, the RIM 2.5 spec defines that an ExternalLink may be
>>associated with one or more RegistryObjects.
>>In contrast, Classifications, ExternalIdentifiers and Slots are treated
>>as composed objects within a RegistryObject.
>>In our experience deploying a sizable ebXML Registry we have found that
>>ExternalLinks create a performance issue
>>because they need to be fetched separately. For example a single query
>>may fetch 100 Service objects. However if we need to also have acces sto
>>the ExternalLInks for those services we need to do 1 + 100 queries
>>currently. This is obviously not desirable.
>>We would like to request that the ebXML Registry TC consider making
>>as composed objects. Doing so would solve the performance issue.
>>XWS Registry Development Team

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