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Subject: RE: RELAX NG telcon 12 June 2001

For some reason the common annotations issue was never added to the issue
list. Does anyone know why?

Here are the notes from our last discussion on common attributes in the June
28 minutes.

3. Common annotations: should we produce a spec as an official committee
work product?

Kohsuke expressed concern that such a spec would augment the infoset. Makoto
said that he feels that people are used to being able to express default
values for attributes. Kohsuke said it may be purely for documentation but
it looks inconsistent. Norm is converting DocBook to RELAX NG and Makoto was
interested in seeing his work on default attributes before we make a
decision. James said that he thinks having our own annotations would make
things simpler than having to depend on XHTML.

The TC deferred on this issue until next week.

There is no issue on the issue list for this.

Of historical interest (see associated threads for broader discussion):



-----Original Message-----
From: James Clark [mailto:jjc@jclark.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 8:53 PM
To: relax-ng@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RELAX NG telcon 12 June 2001

The next RELAX NG telcon will take place at 10:30am EDT on Thursday
12th July. The dial-in numbers are:

800 851 1769 (US callers)
775 324 0362 (International)

Participant code: 597197


We have got a lot of new issues.  In this telcon, I want to trim
down the number of open issues by seeing which of our open issues we
can close quickly.

1. Syntax of "global" attribute on "attribute" element (issue 5)

I think we can get rid of the "global" attribute.


2. Adding the pattern facet to <text/> and <mixed/> (issue 41)

I hope we can add a reference in the issues list to Martin's document,
and close this with no change to the spec.


3. <except/> pattern (issue 42)

At the last telcon we decided to use <except> instead of <not>,
<difference>.  The issue of what to allow inside <except> inside
<data> is still open.  I propose resolving this as described in the

4. <key>/<keyRef> element (issue 43)

At the last telcon we tentatively decided in favour of this, with the
details of what's allowed inside <key>/<keyRef> TBD.  I propose resolving
this as described in the spec.

5. Disallow empty strings as key/keyRef (issue 53)

I believe ths spec is currently in an inconsistent state.  I propose
to resolve this by adding not(s = "") as an antecedent for the rules
(key) and (keyRef) in section 6.2.12.

6. <element name="foo"/> v <attribute name="foo"/> (issue 48)

People seem happy with the status quo, so I propose to close this with
no action.

7. Overriding attributes (issue 52)

There doesn't seem any enthusiasm for trying to provide this
functionality, so I propose to close this with no action.

8. nsName using prefix (issue 49)

Does anybody feel we need to do something here? I can certainly live
without this.

9. Syntax sugar for optional attributes (issue 50)

Do we need some sugar here? If so, what?  If we decide we need some
sugar, we may not be able to decide what it should be.  Let us at
least try to decide whether we want to add some sugar.

10. Implicit grouping in <start> (issue 51)

I propose that the syntax should allow only a single pattern child
element for <start>.

11. Drop name attribute from <start> (issue 44)

Is it worth keeping the feature of a name attribute on <start>?  I
could go either way on this one. Please give this some thought.  If
not, how should this interact with combine/include?

12. Fragment identifiers in href attribute (issue 46)

Should this be forbidden?  Or should we defer to the relevant RFCs?

13. References to named patterns in external grammars (issue 54)

Is the rereading problem important enough to be worth adding a new


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