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Subject: WD03: Issue resolutions from our Jan 2008 f2f have been incorporated

I have incorporated the resolutions of issues 1A, 4, 9, 19, 21, 27. 
These were the issues that were resolved during our last f2f 

Both the word and pdf files have been uploaded to the main TC's doc 

What I have done, and believe we should follow this procedure every time 
we create a new WD, (to ensure that we can do a postmortem in the 
future, if we have to -- this requires entries in the 'Revision History' 
section, and pointers in JIRA. Scott already does an excellent job of 
pointing to the minutes when the issue is resolved) is:
1) made the relevant changes in the doc
2) added an entry in the 'Revision History' (appendix F)
3) updated the issues in JIRA to include a pointer to the draft where 
the changes were made.
4) updated the issues to give it the right status ('Applied' in most cases).

I believe this completes my action from the f2f.

Would be much obliged if someone can look over the changes (change bars 
are included) and make sure I got it right.



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