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Subject: [sca-bpel] Raw chat log of 2008-09-04 telcon

Mike Edwards: Ah Mozart
Mike Edwards: The OASIS site has stopped responding
Please change your name from 'anonymous1' using the Settings button
Sanjay: Please note that we are using a different dial-in this time
anonymous1 morphed into Najeeb Andrabi
Dave Booz: can someone post the dialin info here
Room information was updated by: Sanjay
Participant Passcode: 144102
US and Canada Toll free:  1-888-233-4684 
US Toll:  1-719-234-7877
International toll free - UK:  0 808 101 2142 
Local - UK, London: +44 (0) 20 7078 9144 
International toll free - Ireland:  1 800 949 011
Local - Ireland, Dublin: +353 (0) 1 437 0814 
International toll free - Germany:  0 800 181 5437
Local - Germany, Frankfurt: +49 (0) 69 1200 9823
Dave Booz: thx
Mike Edwards: thanks
Mike Edwards: I could not get to the BPEL OASIS site for the new number
Sanjay: Agenda:
Sanjay: Agenda: 
1. Roll Call 
2. Appointment of scribe 
Scribe list attached below 
3. Agenda bashing 
4. Approval of July 31, 2008 minutes 
5. Action items review 
a) AI #0021 
Chairs - to follow up with Mary to post the CD docs to OASIS repository 
Done. Docs uploaded but SCA BPEL NS is not live yet. 
b) AI #0042 
Editors to incorporate all issue resolutions by 10 July 2008 
6. Update from Editors
7. Issue 18 http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-18 
TITLE- Need to rewrite the SCA-BPEL specifications with RFC-2119 
Email discussion:
8. AOB 
Scribe list: 
* Moser, Mr Simon (11/15/07): 1 
* Trickovic, Mrs Ivana (1/27/08, 4/17/0: 2 
* Andrabi, Mr. Najeeb (10/4/07, 2/14/08, 3/27/08, 5/8/0: 4 
* Chapman, Dr Martin (9/7/07, 12/13/07, 2/28/08, 5/15/0: 4 
* Malhotra, Mr Ashok (11/29/07, 2/21/08, 5/1/08, 5/29/0: 4 
* Kand, Khanderao (9/20/07, 1/31/08, 4/10/08, 7/10/0: 4 
* van der Rijn, Danny (12/06/07, 5/22/08, 6/19/08, 7/24/0: 4
* Koenig, Mr Dieter (10/25/07, 1/10/08, 3/13/08, 4/24/08, 7/31/0: 5 
* Rowley, Mr Michael (9/27/07, 2/7/0: Issues Editor
Sanjay: Dave, are you dialed in?
Najeeb Andrabi: Agenda approved
Najeeb Andrabi: minutes approved
Najeeb Andrabi: AI #0021 : lot of work done but RIDL document is not uploaded
Najeeb Andrabi: AI#0021 still open.
Michael Rowley: Just joined.  I hadn't seen the updated conf #.
Najeeb Andrabi: AI #0042 is still open.
Najeeb Andrabi: Martin Chapman: Spec version 9 contains section 2.1.1 in RFC2119, but it is not approved by committee.
Martin C is having trouble hearing
Najeeb Andrabi: Michael Rowley: Section 2.1 needs to be reverted for CD01 version 9.
Najeeb Andrabi: Martin to revert RFC2119 changes to section 2.1 for CD01 version 9.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue 18 discussion
Sanjay: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200808/msg00000.html
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: main issue was to define conformance target
Najeeb Andrabi: Danny: Send this issue to liaison committee as this is generic problem
Najeeb Andrabi: to define appropriate conformance targets
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: First we should provide a concrete proposal then send it to the liaison committee
Najeeb Andrabi: Mike Edwards: We should first define what introspected component type will be.
Najeeb Andrabi: Danny: What introspected component type file will be is already well defined. The conformance target for generated component type file is in contention.
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: Define terminology for component type file.
Najeeb Andrabi: Michael Rowley: any member who objected to language in section 2.1 can re-write section in a way that is acceptable to the committee.
Najeeb Andrabi: Martin Chapman will update section 2.1
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: CD revision 05 and revision 09 has last two proposals for this issue.
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: we first come up with proposal then take the amorphous terminology to the liaison committee.
Najeeb Andrabi: Michael Rowley: Assembly spec should define following terms: Component type file, introspected component type and component type information.
Michael Rowley: The last one was: "effective component type"
Najeeb Andrabi: Action item for Martin Chapman to come up with the revised proposal and then
Najeeb Andrabi: submit it to the assembly committee for action.
Najeeb Andrabi: Comeback to this TC with revised proposal and after it is approved by this TC.
Najeeb Andrabi: then submit it to the assembly TC.
Najeeb Andrabi: Action Item: Martin Chapman to make proposal for issue 18
Najeeb Andrabi: Sanjay: Can we apply RFC2119 changes in parallel?
Mike Edwards: Martin - you might like to look at:
Najeeb Andrabi: Martin Chapman: we can as some sections have conformance targets that are not in dispute.
Mike Edwards: sca-javaci-draft-20070926_IssueXX.doc
Mike Edwards: from the Java TC


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