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Subject: Re: [security-services] Resend: draft-sstc-sec-consider-01

One thing I noticed right off is that where the document explains the naming convention in the Ciphers, it states that _EXPORT_ means the Cipher Suite is "Export Grade".

First off all that only applied to SW made in the US, and now is no longer relavent, with the exception of countries "Sanctioned" by the US. The document should point out that the naming convention is a legacy of the older US specific export controls. Perhaps a reference to the US Gov agency controlling this might be appropriate. The best link I have is:


I don't know for sure if there is this is still the correct reference or not.

Jeff Bohren

Chris McLaren wrote:

 Since this apparently didn't get through to the list the first time I sent it, here it is again. (At least that explains why I haven't had any comments on it.)I'll add the same caveat I added the first time I sent this: this is a first draft. I'm not married to any of it, and welcome comments from everyone. I have updated the cipher suite section since the initial attempt to send, and I just updated some of my "needs work" sections with text from the new bindings draft.Everything highlighted in red is "needs work" stuff.C.

Chris McLaren, Principal Engineer
B2B Research Group  Netegrity, Inc.
cmclaren@netegrity.com   chris.mclaren@ieee.org

Jeff bohren
Product Architect
OpenNetwork Techologies
(727) 561-9500x219

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