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security-use message

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Subject: Ballot Attached: Issue Group 1: Single Sign-on Push and Pull Variations

Attached is a zipfile containing 2 html files (and their supporting graphics
 - Group1Issues.html (describes issues and their proposed resolutions)
 - Group1Form.html (lists only issue names and their proposed resolutions)

I didn't think anyone would mind if I switched to html - let me know if this
is a problem.  Send me your filled out forms in whatever format is
convenient for you by Friday 5:00 PST.

Things will be smoother next voting cycle - thanks to everyone for bearing
with it so far.  I think with a few tweaks (such as a single ballot
containing all issues to be voted upon and more time for ballot review) it
is a workable process.  We've had to short circuit the process a bit for
this iteration in order to add some detail to straw man 3, but it will be
worth the effort.



Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
1 Embarcadero Center, Floor 5
San Francisco, CA 94111
tel - (415) 315-1529
fax - (415) 315-1545


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