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Subject: Webinar: Extending SOA across Organizational Boundaries

The title caught my eye, so thought folks here would find this of


- Anil

Webinar: Extending SOA across Organizational Boundaries
Date:  02/22/2007

According to Information Week 55% of SOA projects will reach outside the
boundaries of their department, division or corporation. Sharing and
consuming services across organizational boundaries creates numerous
identity, security and governance challenges. However, unless service
functionality can be safely and consistently exposed across business
silos, organizations will not realize the promise of SOA. In this
Webinar co-hosted by WebMethods and Layer 7 Technologies you will learn
how to deliver cross-boundary and multi-enterprise SOA securely and
within the parameters of a broader governance framework.


Biography on Miko Matsumura

"Mr. Matsumura is Vice President of SOA Product Marketing and Technology
Standards at webMethods, Inc. He also serves as chair of the SOA
Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee at Oasis and is the organizer of
the SOA Link Interoperability Initiative. Miko regularly speaks
throughout the world on SOA issues, as well as blogs at
www.SOAcenter.com. Prior to the recent acquisition of Infravio, Inc. by
webMethods, Miko served as vice president of marketing and technology
standards at Infravio, where he led marketing operations and strategic
planning. Matsumura emerged as an industry thought leader at The
Middleware Company, where he was a co-creator responsible for building
the partner program for SOA Blueprints, the first complete
vendor-neutral specification of an SOA application set, supported by
BEA, Borland, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Veritas and
others. He has also worked extensively with software start-up companies,
including Biztone and Kalepa Networks (acquired by Semio) raising more
than 12 million in capital for Java start-ups. Miko holds an MBA from
San FranciscoStateUniversity and a Masters Degree in Neuroscience from

:- Anil John
:- Johns Hopkins University - APL
:- http://www.jhuapl.edu
:- (240) 228-0612
:- E-Mail Response Time: 24 hrs 

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