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Subject: Info & Exchange Models added to Service Description Model

Danny and Ken,

I'm in the process of updating the Interacting with Services Model that is 
part of the Realizing a Service Oriented Architecture View and in the 
process, I've moved service description related model artifacts to the 
Service Description Model.

As part of the Information Model, in addition to the data model elements, 
I've added message model elements.  We need to discuss whether this is at 
too fine grain a level of abstraction or not for this RA.  Note that the 
section numbers are not really correct as the data-level model and 
message-level models should be subsets of the information model, but this is 
just a limitation of the Wiki and we can clean it up in the actual document.

I've been having a lot of flaky interactions with the Wiki today.  Hope it 
settles out soon.


 - Jeff

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