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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] eCommerce definitions

Is it possibly to also capture the multicast scenario where it is
usually termed something like "publish-subscribe"?

On 4/15/05, Gregory A. Kohring <kohring@ccrl-nece.de> wrote:
> Duane Nickull wrote:
> > One thing I have trouble with is the use of words like "send" WRT to an
> > electronic message.  Is anything really sent?  No - all that happens is
> > the voltage at one end point is switched on and off several times and
> > the other side detects the voltage switches.  Nothing is actually sent
> > from one place to another.  Can someone actually "receive" an electronic
> > message?
> Nothing is sent? This sounds like the old "action-at-a-distance"
> theory from the 18th century. Actually, in an electronic message
> large numbers of photons and electrons are in movement. Some, such
> as those photons going from a ground station to a satellite relay,
> actually travel relatively long distances.... ;-)
> In my opinion, the words "sent" and "received" will do nicely...
> -- Greg

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