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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] ISSUES - DC metadata in html

Hi Suellen,

Glad you brought this to the table.  I was wondering, is the Library of 
Congress already using this metadata syntax in their html pages?

I  posted the following for possible use as metadata in Feb, but it has not 
been discussed yet. I think that it fits in with what you present here.

I think that this is one use case to think about as we write our 

This could be written  in the head of the html page for example:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta http-equiv="Title" content="Public ECCMA codes of the January 01, 
2002 release of UNSPSC Segment 71
Published Subject Indicators in html">

<!--forces a reloading of a new version for each visit -->
<meta http-equiv="expires" CONTENT="Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:21:57 GMT">

<meta   name="DC.Source"
<meta   name="DC.Creator.Source"
<meta   name="DC.Publisher.Source"
<meta   name="DC.Date"
<meta   name="DC.Language"
<meta   name="DC.Title.PSI"
                 content="Published Subject Indicators of the Public 
January 01,2002 Release of UNSPSC Segement 71">
<meta   name="DC.Creator.PSI"
                 content="Nishikawa, Mary">
<meta   name="DC.Publisher.PSI"
                 content="Nishikawa, Mary">
<meta   name="DC.Identifier"
<meta   name="DC.Relation.IsPartOf"

<meta   name="Keywords"
                 content="UNSPSC; Segment 71; ECCMA; Published Subjects; 
OASIS; XTM; Topic Maps; EGCI; EGCC; tm-pubsubj; pubsubj">

I think that DC.identifier was intended for one resource. We could add psi 
here to denote the indicators in the resource

<meta   name="DC.Identifier"

or we can add DC. Subject, with the psi as you suggest.

We can recommend which types of metadata are needed at a minimum for 
publishing, to establish the identity of the subject.The ones I have 
presented above are only an example of how one user might attempt to write 

These numbers are the unique identifiers that have already been established 
by Electronic Code Management Association for the UNSPSC (Unversal Standard 
Products and Services codes). The advantage of having the identifiers in 
XTM is I can scope these codes as being of type ECCI which are the unique 

I have also placed these numbers as named anchors on the html page 
http://purl.org/mnishikawa/unspsc-71.htm  so that they can be used as 
fragment identifiers from my xtm TM http://purl.org/mnishikawa/unspsc-71.xtm

We can have an example naming convention  http://psi.mydomain.com/ as Steve 
suggested or  also show an example using PURL. I don't have my own domain 
so I need to use the purl domain for the stability of my PSIs. I think that 
we can recommend stability  in the recommendation and for anything specific 
notation, say that they are examples.

I think that we can go back and take a look at what Murray proposed in his 
"Augmented Metadata in xhtml" However, the link from our documents page is 
broken, so I couldn't access the resource. It is really better to have the 
metadata inline with the identifier, however,  I worry about the complexity 
and resources that it could create; if all the metadata is in the header, 
it might be easier.

It would be good to get feedback from DCMI, Network Working Group. See 
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2731.txt  Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML 
( I don't mind contacting them if you want me to.


At 10:22 AM 4/25/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Not that this adresses the issue of whether to include dc:subject in the
>PSI, but in the reverse one would like to be able to insert the PSI 
>into the dc:subject field of the metadata. Thus looking something like this
><meta name = "DC.Subject"
>scheme = "MeSH"
>content = "Myocardial Infarction; Pericardial Effusion"
>psi = "insert psi-identifier"
> >
>In fact one could do away with the scheme and content elements entirely
>and insted it would be
><meta name = "DC.Subject"
>psi = "insert psi-identifier"
> >
>Whatever we come up with for Topic Map applications should not
>impede this use.
>My main interest in working with this TC is pretty simple---to move and
>leverage already published subjects in the analog realm into the digital
>realm in a way that will be useful across applications so in that I guess I
>differ from many in the group. I have already had communications with
>some folks at the Library of Congress and they are planning to "publish"
>some subjects soon. It would be nice if we had some templates already
>in place that we could point them to.

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