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Subject: Re: [ubl-csc] Minutes 28 May CSC Meeting

G. Ken Holman wrote:
> At 2003-06-03 10:45 -0700, Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
>> In accordance with the AI I got from this and previous meetings, here's a
>> very short paper describing what to do regarding names' conventions.
> Just to clarify one example in this summary, the given example (f) uses 
> a non-ISO format for date that is ambiguous between American and 
> Commonwealth countries ... looking at Eve's document that is linked, she 
> appears to be using the unambiguous YYYYMMDD format for dates.

Ken, my examples are never normative ;)

> Is it the contributor's responsibility to use the naming conventions, or 
> do we as a committee undertake to use these conventions for our own 
> documents?  
I'm not quite clear what do you mean by "the contributor". You mean the
person who writes the document? If so, it's not totally important, because
one would hope that the chair or secretary of the committee would catch
the error and correct it. Once a file leaves the hands of the contributor
it does not belong to him/her, it belongs to the committee.

>If the contributor doesn't use the conventions, is the 
> committee obliged to change the contributor's filename?

"Obliged" is a very strong term when talking about extensions, as this is,
which are always gray areas. But, on the other hand, once I (the contributor)
send the file to the committee, doesn't matter what I call it, the
committee can use whatever convention it chooses to name it in its repository.
Thus, foo.htm -> ubl-gutentag-foo-1.52.html or some such :)
> BTW, the XML link in Eve's document is broken ... I wanted to see what 
> document model she was using.

Yes, it broke during the Kavi transition and has not been restored. I will
try to get that to happen.
> ............ Ken
> p.s. does it make sense to note in these guidelines my observation 
> recorded in 
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-csc/200305/msg00026.html 
> regarding the naming of files to make them publicly addressable?
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