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Subject: [Fwd: [ciq] UBL 1.0 address handling problem]

FYI, comment from CIQ TC list on address.

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I came across the following comment from Korea 
regarding UBL 1.0:

-	The Address format does not fit the one of Korea. 
-	If InhouseMail(11) and Department(12) within Address(2) 
      are used, then OrganizationName or CompanyName should be 
      included too because there may exist multiple organizations 
      within a building.

This is one of the many address formatting issues that UBL will
face as UBL 1.0 has severely restricted the coverage of address formats
around the world. xAL handles the above address structure comfortably.

I have now looking into the address examples for all countries 
provided by Universal Postal Union (UPU) as part of my review
process to verify whether the new xAL V3.0 schemas can support 



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