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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] looking for practical examples

2009/2/13 Fulton Wilcox <fulton.wilcox@coltsnecksolutions.com>:

> As to whether standards can keep up with requirements, for most users they
> are far ahead.

If this is the case, why do I have to invent an Inventory document,
and its looking more like I have to.

There is another option that XML opens up and that is XSLTs to convert
one format into another. If I go with UBL, I have to:

1. Comprehend the 1500+ elements of UBL
2. Create XSD for the Inventory document
3. Implement

Where as if I create an ad-hoc XML inventory document I eliminate step
1 and speed up step 2 and in future if I need to interface with UBL
systems I (or who ever) writes an XSL Transformation.

Can you see how step 1 here is a disincentive to the developer with a
limited time/budget?

> In particular, many well-functioning inventory systems become
> chronic problems because they were not "future-proofed" for success. For
> example, the requirements spec did not even address multi-currency, the
> system was hard-coded to the spec, but suddenly a requirement emerges to do
> business in Canada or China.

Actually, how does UBL handle multi-currency pricing? I was looking at
Catalogue and the only mention of pricing is in


Is there an attribute here somewhere that defines currency?



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