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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] looking for practical examples

2009/2/13 Fulton Wilcox <fulton.wilcox@coltsnecksolutions.com>:
> Internalizing external standards is an ambitious, but not unreasonable
> aspiration.

So what your suggesting is that ALL businesses base all their data
modelling (Databases, spreadsheets etc) on UBL process design so they
can fit within the UBL "truth"?

What if the standard doesn't fix the use case, such as in my instance?
What if business requirements change faster than standards?

I think standards should model real world needs not the real world
conform standards. XML is about defining a common language for systems
to communicate. The HTML 3.2 standard was a description of what was
going on with browsers, a description of what had evolved by itself. I
think the W3C helped to refine this and guide HTML in the right
direction with XHTML but new ideas have to come from industry and then
be refined by standards bodys.

my 2c


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