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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for 22 May 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

Minutes for 22 May 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

1. Roll call (quorum is 8)
     * Bill Burcham         YES
     * Mavis Cournane       YES
     * Mark Crawford        YES (joined y:05)
     * Fabrice Desré
     * Matt Gertner
     * Arofan Gregory       YES (joined y:05)
     * Jessica Glace        YES
     * Eduardo Gutentag     YES
     * John Larmouth
     * Eve Maler            YES
     * Sue Probert          YES (joined y:05)
     * Lisa Seaburg         YES
     * Gunther Stuhec
     * Paul Thorpe          YES

    Quorum not reached as of x:08; we proceeded informally.  Quorum
    reached y:05.

2. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting

    15 May 2002

3. Adoption of agenda
    Adopted with addition of 4a and 4b below.

4. Status review

    - A: Tag structure/NDR changes. IN PROGRESS

    - A: Code list paper. IN PROGRESS

    - A: Update modnamver. DONE
    - C: Role model paper.

    - B: Forward the latest version of the xCBL versioning paper.
    - B: Containership paper.

    - B: Facet paper. DONE
    - C: Date/time paper.

    - A: Make proposal on local vs. global elements.

    Summary of work to be done:

    A Code lists IN PROGRESS
    A Modnamver IN PROGRESS
    A Review the purchase order schema design IN PROGRESS
    A Local vs. global elements -- round 2
    A Officially decide elements vs. attributes DONE
    A Officially decide empty elements DONE
    A External recommendations for changes to CCTS DONE
    A Global attributes DONE
    B Facets IN PROGRESS
    B Tag structure IN PROGRESS
    B Containership
    B Fixed vs. varying types
    C Dates and times

4a. How/whether to incorporate CCTS feedback into the NDR document

     We developed a fairly fleshed-out metamodel in our CCTS feedback.
     Should we capture this in the NDR document?  The difficulty is
     whether this appears to compromise our commitment to adhering to
     CCTS. On the other hand, we want to show the connection more than we
     currently do.  We agreed to include the information; the connection
     to the XSD metamodel is especially useful.

     New ACTION: Mavis (working with Bill) to incorporate the metamodel
     into the Relationship to CC section.

4b. CIDX update

     Eve described her recent visit to a meeting of the Chemical Industry
     Data Exchange.  Along NDR lines, she was able to confirm that our
     code list decisions are pretty much on target.

4c. (ad hoc agenda item) X12 joint meeting

     We think that getting X12C/TG3 and the UBL NDR SC together is a good
     idea.  We think 1.5 hours, with .5 hour each for information
     transfer and .5 for joint discussion, would be good.

     New ACTION: Eve to work with Mike Rawlins on figuring out a

5. Modnamver

    We reviewed the new modnamver-04 draft and worked through Section 10.
    We agreed with the Import Rule and the Include Rule, noting that this
    allows only flat inclusion structures inside RootSchemas (only
    RootSchemas can include InternalModules) and that we're okay with
    this for now.  We haven't agreed yet on the Circular Dependency Rule;
    Bill will look into it further.  We agreed that "minimaless" and
    "othogonality" are good goals, but they need to be explained further.
    We reviewed the two revised diagrams and made a few small

    We considered expanding our recommendation to allow for intermediate
    RootSchemas that contain "limited common" structures that are common
    only to a small set of business message types.  For example, tax
    information might only apply to certain shipping/logistics document
    types.  xCBL has found a need for this.

    Bill moved that we add a recommendation allowing two or more
    functional areas to share definitions common between them but not
    used elsewhere by creating and importing an additional RootSchema,
    where the criterion for creation of this additional level of
    namespace is that it not be used in a majority of the functional
    areas.  Motion PASSES unanimously.  (This means that we've
    essentially accepted Option 4.)

    New ACTION: Arofan to write up his concern about importing indirectly
    so that Bill can research the issue.

    Section 6, on schemaLocation, should really be about the actual
    location of our actual schema modules; we don't have control over
    what instances put into real schemaLocations (e.g., they could even
    be URNs and use catalogs to resolve them).  Then again, we might even
    want to encourage the use of URNs and catalogs, and get OASIS to run
    a URN resolver.

    Next time, we'll plan to decide whether to use URNs and/or URLs for
    namespace names and schema locations, and also decide how this
    affects our inclusion and importation strategies (because it's not
    just instances that need to mention namespace names and potentially
    schema locations -- it's our own modules).

6. Local vs. global elements

7. Facets

8. Schedule updates

    May 29: approve NDR document for distribution
    - Decisions that have to be incorporated: code lists,
      CCTS metamodel, modnamver, possibility of reconsidering
      local vs. global
    May 30: NDR dist #2: NDR document and position papers
    - Fresh versions of position papers to publish:
      - (Not tag structure)
      - (Not local vs. global)
      - (Not CCTS feedback)
      - Modnamver (Bill needs to update!)
      - Code lists (Eve needs to update!)
      - Elements vs. attributes (Arofan to press Gunther to update it)
    June 3-7: F2F meeting

    NDR SC members planning to attend the F2F so far: Mavis, Arofan,
    Jessica, Sue (mostly in LC mtgs), Lisa, Gunther, Eve, Mark, Eduardo.
    Bill definitely can't attend.

9. Adjourn
    Adjourned y:53.

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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