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Subject: Re: [ubl] RNG schemas for UBL

Hi, Jon and all Members 

Thank you for having interest in our report about Relax NG schema 
for UBL.

We are continuing to study how to translate WSD UBL schema to 
Relax NG and to develop translating programs with perl and XSLT. 

First beta vertion of whole UBL schema which are described with
Relax NG will post UBL ML until last year. Also we will report 
the problem periodically to the public ubl-dev list.



At 16:14 2003/12/04 -0800, jon.bosak@sun.com wrote:
> Hello UBL TC,
> When we started UBL in OASIS two years ago, we inherited from the
> ad hoc UBL planning group a very early NDR decision to avoid the
> use of XSD features that would prevent the realization of UBL in
> other schema syntaxes, in particular Relax NG, which is an ISO
> standard that many people prefer to XSD.  Relax NG compatibility
> was dropped as a formal NDR requirement some time ago, but it
> remains a desirable goal.
> The IEC ISO ITU UN/ECE eBusiness MoU Management Group, which has
> maintained UBL on its continuing agenda for two years now,
> is on record with the following recommendations:
>    02/07 (6.4 of N0113): It is recommended that RELAX NG, ASN.1,
>    and XSD be considered as important and to some extent
>    complementary candidates for XML schema definitions.
>    02/08 (6.4 of N0113): It is recommended that groups producing
>    XML schemas for Ebusiness should consider parallel
>    specification using at least two of the above in order to
>    maximize the tools available to developers, and in order to
>    benefit from efficient binary encoding (currently available
>    only in ASN.1).
> I was happy to be able to report to the MoU/MG at its meeting near
> Detroit 24-25 November that UBL has included an ASN.1 binding
> since version 0.7 and that a team has been formed under the
> direction of Professor Naito at the Osaka Institute of Technology
> to create Relax NG equivalents of the UBL 1.0 XSD schemas.
> Professor Naito has just reported the results of early work by his
> team in the message to the UBL LCSC and TTSC below.  I am copying
> it to the UBL list in an attempt to stop cross-posting between
> SCs, a subject that will be taken up in tomorrow's coordination
> call, and in order to put Naito-san's work in front of a wider
> audience that includes some Relax NG experts so that they can
> evaluate his approach.
> Since we have no SC devoted to Relax NG practices for UBL, and
> since Relax NG alignment is not a formal requirement for UBL, I
> suggest that people interested in the subject forward this message
> to other interested parties and correspond with Professor Naito
> directly for the moment regarding the questions raised in his
> message.
> In the future, I hope that Professor Naito will continue to update
> us on his progress by posting to the public ubl-dev list that will
> be announced shortly so that this important project receives the
> widest possible exposure.
> Jon

Hiroshi Naito, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>
1-79-1, Kitayama, Hirakata-City, Osaka, 573-0196, Japan
TEL: +81-72-866-5194  FAX: +81-72-866-8499, E-Mail: naitoh@is.oit.ac.jp

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