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Subject: Re: [ubl] Discussion XSD implementation of extensions

At 2006-07-13 01:48 -0400, I wrote:
>I haven't seen any new schemas since our meeting 
>this morning, so I did my prototyping with the 
>January schemas.  When we get a new set of 
>schemas I can retrofit these tested changes into 
>them and then recreate this test environment 
>with new changes and upload the new tests.  But these prove the concepts.

I still have not seen any WD8 schemas, so I've 
made changes to my environment of last night.

>I haven't filled in the documentation, and I 
>would ask that someone take the time to fill in 
>the documentation as makes sense ... Bryan, 
>perhaps you can recall some of the descriptive 
>aspects of Stephen's expected use of these 
>elements and fill in appropriate words.

Thank you, Bryan, for sending your candidate 
definitions off-line.  I've incorporated Bryan's 
words ... and so far there is no structure to the 
documentation of these components ... it is only 
flat text.  If anyone feels there should be 
documentation structure to these constructs, please modify the examples there.

Thank you, Allan and Bryan, for the comments on 
containerization for non-determinism ... these have been added.

A revised ZIP is now uploaded with


The test files are in:

test\invoice-samp.xml   - no extensions and no errors
test\invoice-samp-bad1.xml   - no extensions and an error
test\invoice-ext.xml   - extensions and no errors
test\invoice-ext-bad1.xml  - extensions and error (swapped elements)
test\invoice-ext-bad2.xml  - extensions and error (two top elements in ns)
test\invoice-ext-bad3.xml  - extensions and error (empty container)
test\test.bat - invocation
test\test.txt - what I get when running Xerces

The invocation and validation support files are in:


The common modules have not changed since January on which I based these tests:


I've modularized the extension schema so that 
parties defining their own extension need only 
modify the extension content data type module and 
not the common extension module that is used by all extensions:


Here are the original January invoice and the 
changes made to add in the extensions (no changes since last night):


>I need the assistance of other UBL TC members on 
>this because I have to finish some last-minute 
>code list details for Jon and I was not 
>anticipating having to take time to work on XSD 
>stuff at this late stage of the week.  And, it 
>turns out that I'm working late on this because 
>of other business obligations I had to finish 
>today, so I may have missed something obvious because of the late hour.

Could members please test these schemas with 
various packages ... I'll move on to my action 
items from the Pacific call related to code lists.

Thanks again for the feedback so far ... we still 
need more banging on this to get the document 
models ready for tomorrow for Jon.

Sylvia, can you post WD8 schemas at your earliest 
convenience, please, so that I can upload these 
changes as changes of the schema files you create?  Thank you.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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