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Subject: [ubl] convert ULB NDR-like XSD files to code classes


I am getting queries from developers who want to convert valid UBL-NDR-like XSD files to code classes such as C++. Here's what they say:

The XSD files validate perfectly in XMLSpy 2006 and Stylus Studio 2006.

When they use tools like the XSD tool, .NET1 or .NET2, they fail to compile the XSD files.

Also, when they use Stylus Studio's 'Generate XML Schema Documentation' it fails with error's of missing types (but it validates fine otherwise ...!?!)

Has anyone made similar experiences? 
I can imagine the following possible causes:
- Are the various tools parsing/validating to varying degrees of the full W3C specification?
- Is it perhaps an issue that XML Spy does not detect, but lies in my UBL NDR-like libraries?
- Is it perhaps the complexity of UBL-NDR libraries that causes several tools to report errors?

What XSD-2-code conversion tool are you using (if any)? Which one(s) are reliable?

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this

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