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Subject: Metadata for code lists in schemas

Hi folks,

I'm looking at the files created by GEFEG:


I note the following metadata for the code lists 
(using ContainerSize as an example only because 
it was this one that was invalidly produced that 
brought this problem to my attention):

      <xsd:attribute name="listURI" type="xsd:anyURI"

The attribute is optional, but if it is specified 
it has to be a fixed value, and the value specified is a *relative* URI.

I think this is incorrect.  The code list 
genericode files are not considered part of the 
schemas so when someone installs their schemas 
these files will not be around, and anyway I'm 
guessing a relative URI would be relative to the 
instance which also would not have the genericode files around.

I think relative URI values are inappropriate for 
*identifying* URIs ... yet we don't have absolute 
URIs for our genericode files to use here.

Does this value have to have a fixed value?

Can we leave the attribute merely as optional and without a fixed value?

And, on further inspection, I now note there are 
fixed= values all over for code lists, yet the 
code list value validation methodology needs 
these to all be optional so that we have nothing 
hardwired in the schemas regarding code 
lists.  It is up to trading partners to specify 
the metadata of the lists they choose to use.

So ... may I remove the fixed= attributes from *all* code list metadata?

If so, then I can change my massaging stylesheets 
to remove the fixed= on all code list meta data declarations.

We can then check the NDRs related to code lists 
and make sure future builds come out this way.

Please advise.


. . . . . . . . Ken

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