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Subject: Re: [ubl] [GC][UM] Additional metadata

Amazing you samples,
from the UCUM description I thought it was near to complete... but you 
are right it is too scientific.

I never read deeply the EDIFact UM codelist, I thought it was aligned 
with UMs used by Worldwide Customs.
Customs Tariff is complete for sure with any goods available on the 
earth and UMs they use should be complete.


stephen.green@systml.co.uk ha scritto:
> That just goes to show it is scientific in 'essence'. HL7 could
> well be specifying a test which involves Pascals or Ohms or even
> tropical years but all of that is a barrier to entry to the person
> ordering a few days consultancy. (Do they mean 'tropical days',
> 'lunar days'...? No, just 'days'. How many parsecs is that?). If they
> want 5 troy ounces of gold that translates as 5 '20's of gold. OK
> it works but it doesn't really help the app writer that they have
> to cater for codes like that and who knows which of them out of
> all those in the list. They could all have to be translatable just
> in case. Better, surely, to allow free-text units to be stated
> so the UOM code can be safely subsetted out so the app writer doesn't
> have to bother with it. Trouble is that may break the ATG alignment.
> Still there's all sorts of things I can order from my grocer:
> What about 6 bottles of wine, 750cl each. I notice you can easily
> order a number of arbitrary powers of milk :-) or a straight
> 'Gunter's chain' of who knows what. I may one day want to buy a
> Planck constant of lightwaves I suppose :-)

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