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virtio message

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Subject: Re: [virtio] Re: Touch-ups needed for the virtio csd01 and csprd01 file "front matter"

On Mon, 2013-12-23 at 16:38 -0500, Paul Knight wrote:
> Hi Rusty and all,
> An interesting item, which I don't think will affect publication, shows up
> in the HTML versions of the documents:
> It is probably related to kerning with the LaTex system:
> There are combined letters "fi" (as opposed to the individual letters
> "fi")in the word "Specification" on the front page and elsewhere, and
> various occurrences of double-f "ff", which are actually represented by
> non-ascii characters.  (This may or may not show up in this email for your
> amusement.)

Ah, I'm afraid this is probably a Linux thing.  We all use Linux and the
characters above actually render correctly as ligatures in all our font
systems.  I suspect windows, not having the TeX/LaTeX heritage doesn't
know what to do with them, but none of us proofreading would actually
see the problem ... we probably need proofreader who actually uses
windows to avoid other issues like this in future.

> Luckily, these do not occur in the URIs, as far as I have been able to
> see... that would be a problem.

No, TeX won't use ligatures in URIs

> For future publications, is there some control over "kerning" to prevent
> this?  I think we can live with it, but it's an interesting element which
> could cause problems in some situations.

Yes, we can turn it off entirely using the fontspec package.  


I think the command is 



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